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Afaf Seyam is a meld of eclectic influence and embracement of contradictions. Having been brought up in the South,culturally embedded in Egypt, and currently harnessing her craft in New York City;
with a passion for fashion design fueled by curiosity.

AW Collection


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Concrete Jungle.

Glitzy, show-stopping drag culture; subtle Oriental details, and maximalism theory meets Heurueh's signature blasé attitude.

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Proper Rock.

An eclectic combination of British rock culture and proper, like a bad boy with good taste.


Design Lab.

Apparel collection inspired by skate culture and influenced by members only design studio. 


NY Burning.

Pop art inspired commentary on today’s consumer behavior in a glamorous objection.


Eye Heart Human.

A collection with a call to action for unity featuring banners advocating for love.


Icelandic imagery, coloring, and textures taken from a delirious overnight layover.

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