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Afaf Seyam is a meld of eclectic influence and embracement of contradictions. Having been brought up
in the South, culturally embedded in Egypt, and currently harnessing her craft in New York City;
with a passion for fashion design fueled by curiosity.

Since living in NYC and working as the Creative Director of Heurueh, she has collaborated with countless brands
( Calvin Klien, Vera Wang, Saks Fifth Ave, Bergdorf Goodman, etc ) who share a thirst to explore the unexplored.
Her work has been featured in Vogue, The Coveteur, Refinery 29, Pop Sugar, Elle, Nylon and more.

As the world evolves at a fast pace there are constant advancements in technology, communication,
manufacturing and design. Her background in textile design and technology has given her a skill
set thatallows for constant adaptation and innovation.

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